Should You Buy A Used SPIN Bike This Year?

The market for Genuine SPINNING Brand exercise bikes has really bloomed in the last few years, and this means that many fly-by-night exercisers are giving up their dust-collecting bikes and selling them on the used market, through sites like ebay and craigslist. However, despite the temptation of saving some money by buying a used SPIN bike, Schwinn, or Star Trac, I ultimately recommend paying slightly more for a brand new model? Why? Because there simply is no way to ensure that your bike has been well cared for, nor two ascertain the amount of use it has gotten. The price difference between used cycling bikes and new ones is simply not enough to justify the risk, especially considering the very low prices available on new models, which are improved every year.

The indoor bikes listed here are typically what would have been considered commercial quality only a couple of years ago. You can now own these used exercise bikes and have them in your home for less than the cost of a single year’s gym membership.

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Posted by Guy Debord / Other Exercise Bikes and Spin Bikes

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